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Tea with added grass. Gets you spaced, hence space tea.
Take a cafetiere about 2 mugfulls big and put 3 teabags of your choice into it (I prefer citrus fruit flavour though peppermint works well too) and about 1 small bud of green, chopped or pulled apart. Add the boiling water and wait about 5-10 minutes. Press down the plunger a few times to mix it all up & serve, preferably in small glasses such as moroccan tea glasses. Add sugar to taste, drink. Get spaced. Watch an old 70's sci fi DVD at double speed with the sound off and play some chilling muzak. Chat. Giggle.
by ..WiL July 27, 2005
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Space-tea is some sord of pill with codeine (such as Tylenol 3 or pure codeine pills) ground to powder, and cocaine mixed into any type of hot tea. Codeine provides a great feeling while cocaine provides excitement and energy- great combo.
Hey I have some stuff to make space-tea, wanna come over and get fuckkked upppp?
by RedRocketAstronaut August 29, 2010
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