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If someone is being a TOTAL gimp, you can give them a space mask! this refers to the process of them being such a gimp, that they are wearing a gimp mask that came from space! One can apply this mask to them by pointing to the sky, and making a "shhhhh" noise to simulate the mask approaching their face. you finish applying by facing your palm to their face and saying " hrrrrrrrr " or just " BOOOM " simulating the mask hitting there face, or indeed, several masks, depending on the level of their gimpdom.

Wearers can avoid being hit by the mask, if they are familiar with the process of a space mask, if they simulate the motion of batting it away with a Mask bat. ( the same way you would hit a baseball ) if they can " bat " the mask away before the applicator has simulated the mask actually hitting their face, then the applicator must recieve the space mask.
Boy 1: i just did SOO much drugs
Boy 2: hey, look in the sky * points to sky * shhhhhhh
Boy 1: what, i cant see anything?
Boy 2: * faces palm to boy 1's face * HRRRRRRR!!!!
Boy 1: oooh fuck ive been masked up!

or in some cases

Boy 1: I just did SOOOO much drugs
Boy 2: Hey, look in the sky * points to sky * shhhhhhhh
Boy 1: * grips bad, and smashes the space mask as it approaches *
Boyy 2: Oh fuck sake! now ive got the space mask
by Giuseppe Mask November 16, 2009
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