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1. Basically, a fancier way to say flying fuck.

2. When you are fucking in outer space.

3. An extended version of the word coitus most often used to put greater ephasis on ones apathey in a vulgar and angry way.

4. When you don't care at all about something.
Daya : Dude, i don't give a space coitus about what you did to her. =.='''

Yu Chen : I just had space coitus with her while we were out off the atmosphere last week.

Daya : So, how was it ???

Yu Chen : Space coitus is very difficult in zero gravity, because you have no traction and you keep bumping against the walls.

Daya : Is it fun ?

Yu Chen : yeah, the faces give out more flush, legs are thinner cause there is less fluid there, the faces get puffier and the wrinkles go away.Women don't need bras cause nothing pulls their boobs down.

Daya : Good for you ,i bet you had space coitus with a doughnut too.

Yu Chen : Holy titty fuck, how did you know ?!?!?
by zingeraddict October 09, 2011
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