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The Soviet City of Seattle is the largest city in Washington state. Filled to the brim with Communists, Socialist, Hippies, Addicts and bum camps. Seattle is a "progressive" city with a governing body who believe that all the citizen's monies are really their money. They tax and fee the residents to death and create a business hostile environment.

Seattleites believe that the world revolve around their filthy city and the pseudo-culture. Recently the city bozos passed a sugar tax, because sugar is unhealthy and then provided funding for safe injection sites so drug users could have a place to use their illegal, but extra healthy meth, heroin and other drugs.
Seattle used to be kind of cool, until the chode commies took over and destroyed it.

Bum camps are the #1 tourist attraction in The Soviet City of Seattle.

Most hipsters in The Soviet City of Seattle don't know if they have a penis or a vagina. That's what happens when Tommy has 2 daddies.
by The Dancing Donkey Dick June 12, 2018
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