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Pronounced "sah-too-low"
A generally obnoxious character, 1 of which is found in each group of friends. This character is the next stage of a "Lunchbox".
Much like the "Lunchbox", the Soutullo is always right. He knows everything there is to know, and cannot be proven wrong by simple things like facts, or logic. He is the primary source of entertainment in a group of friends, which is why he is kept around.
What seperates a "soutullo" from a "lunchbox" is that he migrates through several circles of friends simultaneously. The soutullo usually has a job, and plenty of money, but never has his own cigarettes, or food, or a place to stay.
A soutullo can be found raiding strangers' refridgerators, stalking attractive girls with raper-eyes, sleeping on couches, giving friendly "hey how ya doin" kind of back massages to obese women, or jumping off of roofs yelling "I AM HOLLYWOOD" or something along those lines.
Choose caution when dealing with a suprise soutullo invasion. They are quick to anger if you do not accept their universal excuse of "dude, I didn't even do anything wrong."

The "It's cool bro" ending is the end all beat all of arguments to the soutullo, and it will not be taken lightly if you continue the debate. Some reports have been made that they can even transform into a monkey like creature in their rage. This is known as a "super sayan soutullo" and is supposedly capable of breaking every valuable belonging in a home in 6.5 seconds.
Katie: "What the fuck, I woke up to Justin trying to pick the lock on my bedroom door, after I told him he was not sleeping in the same bed as me!"

Matt: "Yeah he's kind of a Soutullo. Next time throw a bag of chips down the hallway!"
by Bandego Mi Fuego May 18, 2010
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