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Inquisitive neighbor: "Where are you going to school?"

Prospective Southwestern student: "Southwestern University."

Inquisitive neighbor: "Say! That's a swell place to go to school."
by Pretty Polly May 08, 2010
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I couldn’t go in Wednesday. I had the inauguvirus
by Sonicbo0mz January 21, 2021
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Extremely small, gorgeous university in the suburbs of Austin, Texas. Popular location for the studies of spoiled, well-maintained, rich kids. With approximately 3 girls for each guy enrolled, Southwestern University is an excellent school for less-then attractive rich boys to flash their cash and get laid, while forcing the very attractive females to adjust their standards. With such a small student body, and huge girl-guy ratio, the dating pool is inevitably inter-crossed between friends, ex’s and drunken hookups from the previous Wednesday of skanky fraternity partying. An excellent choice for the “daddy’s girl” and the “tool” guy who needs a fraternity to fit into. All-in-all, students are very happy with their lives while at Southwestern.
Father: “Honey, time to choose where you want to go to college”
Daughter: “I already know I want to go to Southwestern University!”
Father: “GREAT, a small school, very sheltered, you’ll like it.”
Daughter: “Yes, but can I have a new BMW 5-series, Prada purse, and your credit card… just so I can fit in?”
Father: “AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!”
by ride 'em October 22, 2005
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