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An intricate method for indulging in sex, drugs, and alcohol all at once. To perform a Southland Slammer, you must first fill a kiddie pool with beer (or any other alcoholic beverage), lay down one or more naked prostitutes within the concoction (however they best fit), then sprinkle cocaine (or any other powdered narcotic) on their bodies, and lick or snort it from their private areas (usually the breasts). The usage of higher-class alcoholic beverages, higher-grade narcotics, and/or higher-quality hookers may constitute an upgraded version of a Southland Slammer, known as a "Southland Slamfest".
Did you hear, Ernie? Our good friend Andrew is graduating from law school next week! We're gonna throw him one hell of a Southland Slammer (Southland Slamfest) at the local Best Western!
by HarrietHenowitz August 02, 2009
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