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Most often a man who lives inside South Boston aka "southie" Massachusetts, can also reside in the suburbs since many of them are moving there. Has a hint of douchbaggery in him. Most often a wigger who likes black music and black dress but also shows rascist elements. Often is uneducated and thinks smart people are "fags". Likes to drink and do drugs, has a slutty girlfriend who is just as stupid, but looks hot sometimes. Can be good at sports, but that will be all they are good at. Will fight other people phyiscally and verbally over the most stupid things just to remind himself he is a tough guy and needs to boost his self esteem.
by dojfbvdfjvn August 03, 2010
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Inbred motherfuckers (literally) from South Boston, MA who give good decent people from South Boston a bad name. They are racist, homophobic, ableist and discriminative in every way. They are wastes of life, who hang out in big posses and terrorize people mostly when they have other people to back them up. Southie Scumbags are basically are the best example of what a Chav is. They will also date sluts (who are often their own relatives) who don't know how to keep their legs closed. Often times they like to remind themselves they're tough by starting fights with innocent people, who have done them no wrong.
That Southie Scumbag needs to get his dick out of his sisters pussy.

That bar is always full of Southie Scumbags, and Southie Sluts.
by Wouldn'tyouliketoknowasshole? November 22, 2011
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