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Take 3-4 Large raw eggs, still in the shell. Insert them into a chicks snatch. Get a frying pan and preheat it to about 350 and add a little oil or butter. Then kick the girl as hard as you can in the twat. Make her run around the block and when she returns, have her straddle the pan and squirt out the eggy goodness and enjoy. Add mushrooms and cheese for added pizazz.
We were bored the other night so we whipped up a quick southern omelet.
Alex was hungry and wanted some food. So we cooked him up a southern omelet with out telling him.
vagina, southern, omelet, food, eggs, frying pan, twat, snatch, clam, pussy, yolk, egg whites, breakfast, delicacy
by lebAsaurusRex December 07, 2010
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