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(n) This is the local garage in your local area ghetto (ghettos not available in all areas. aka, the upperclass.) This local garage consists of one fat white boy and 30 skinny negros all in wife beaters (typically stained a blood red,) where your lost car can be found within 24 hours of being "lost" and after this period, disappears yet again, only to be found in peices in another Southern Parking.
Bobby "Aye bro, I think I ran into your car the other day, some crazy negro was working on it in this shop on the southside."

Jimbo "God damnit. Your shittin' me right? They wasn't at one of them southern parking shops was they?"

Bobby "Da fuck you saying Jimbo?"

Jimbo "I sayin you a fuckin returd Bobby. Them southern park niggers are insane."

Bobby "Oh."

Jimbo "Fuck you."
by JimbosBobbyBill September 30, 2011
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