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Southern New hampshire University, where to begin. We could start with the shere fact that is is completely isolated from any type of quazi normal civilization. It's nearest attraction boasts a one story shoping plaza complete with quaint candy corner and the ever popular EB games. Or we could begin to discuss the campus's complete and total lack of feminine grace and charm. If girls with protruding chins, making them most closely resemble the horse strikes your fancy, then the long agonizing drive to SNHU would be well worth your while. Or, if during those romantic lip locking occations you enjoy a harsh and stiff metalic barrier accross the kanines, then you should surely visit this retainer friendly campus. The female student body here has taken webshots to a whole different level with the inticing foe puke picture. Have you ever had that overwhelming urge to fake your own hang over? Ok, well you probably have not, however, upon entering SNHU, the urge will overtake you, and you will suddenly find yourself in a bathroom stall, hugging the porcelean bowl, hair pulled back, face in anguish, staging your own regurgitation. Clearly this and other acts of randomness and idiocracy are turn ons to the rough and rugged NH male, come on now...ladies is pimps too right?...Wrong! Another favorite pass time here at SNHU is taking on multiple personas in the form of IM screen names...come on, who doesn't want to keep up with several aways, profiles and chats? Maybe the multiple persona angle isn't for you, but please, have no fear, SNHU is fully capable of catering to your needs, perhaps you'd enjoy sending anonymous IMs to your friends buddies from home? However, certain students(Jason) here lack, how shall we put it....intelect? For future reference my dear, please erase the profile, it's almost rude to have such a hearty laugh at your expense. So, how about it? Want to visit this amazing college, complete with female Mr. Ed look-likes? Hmm, perhaps not, however, please keep in mind that there is one very large plus to visiting this campus. Once you have ventured into the woods of NH to soak up the SNHU can rest assured that for the rest of your life you will forever be moving up in the world, because after this experience, you know that the worst event in your life is behind you!
Southern New Hampshire University is full of girls resembling horses, as well as boys(Jason) so ungifted in the area of intelect, that it's actually frightening.
by Amanda Willens February 27, 2006
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