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Often people of the Hispanic Culture who drive around suburban white neighborhoods looking for ANYTHING broken down that they can buy and / or steal so they can fix to sell or use. Lawnmowers, Washer/Dryer, Cars, Trucks, Blenders, ect. South Texas Jawas can easily be spotted by the old Ford F-150 pick-up they drive with the bed full of parts. Often they will pull an old trailer that is over loaded with more junk. You can see South Texas Jawas late night, towing broken down cars or cherry picking the junk pile in suburban neighborhoods before community pick-up. South Texas Jawas will also be up at the crack of dawn on Saturdays to rifle through yard sales and try to negotiate a cheaper price than listed. Swap Meets are another place that they can be found.

I heard a strange noise when I was in bed last night. When I looked out the window I saw three South Texas Jawas pulling my old dryer out of the community trash pick up pile and loading it into the bed of their truck.
by Bulldog August 24, 2008
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