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"South Cleveland Style" refers to the act of throwing objects that not be commonly thrown, or something that is fragile, and then caught by another person.

This term originated in the southern area of Cleveland, Tennessee when someone threw a glass pipe to another friend. The person catching the pipe said "Thats crazy! What if it broke!" The thrower of the pipe only said "Thats how we roll in South Cleveland, that's South Cleveland Style."

Years later, a person saying "South Cleveland" was used to infer that they were about to throw something to another person, or a recognition to throw something to them.

This term originated due to the oddities of the people who live in South Cleveland.
1.(South Cleveland Style from catcher)
Bobby is sitting in a recliner in the living room, and Josh is standing in the kitchen. Bobby wants to make a milk shake, but is too lazy to get off his ass and get the blender. Bobby says to Josh "Josh, blender...South Cleveland me" Josh then throws the blender to Bobby, and if caught, would be a successful "south cleveland"

2.(South Cleveland Style from the thrower)
Abe walks into the house, after buying a bag of candy. Josh, who is halfway across the room asks "Abe, may I have some candy?" Abe says "South Cleveland" , and launches the candy to Josh.
by Siruson October 22, 2007
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