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Home to the most stuck up and judgemental people in the whole world! Anyone watched the film hot fuzz? With nick frost in it? Well you know the village that’s them they act as if everything’s is fine and they are so high and mighty but truth is they all hate each other they are all stuck up twisted cunt bags who just love slyly irritating you and getting away with it. Most of south nutfields teens go to st bedes school which is a fucking hell hole! Filled with stuck up anorexic snobby bitch faces who lick each other’s arse Holes all day long and boys who are just so full of them selfs it’s unreal! But 98% of this village feels as though they can do anything and get away with it!!
Harriet:oh I’m from st bedes and I live in so Nutfield! I’m going to lick Lydia’s arse!
Izzy:oh let me come with you because all girls who go to st bedes and live in south nutfield love kissing arse!
Lydia; oh do carry on licking and kissing my arse girls and do the village proud! But I’m going to bend down and give tom a blowy! But as I bend down if got to be careful I don’t snap because I am so unhealthily thin

Tom: my dad owns half of nutfield and I think I’m sooo popular

George:yeah you are so popular tom (George said with his fat head and turned up nose) should I give you some sex advice even though I’m younger than you and don’t even know what a penis is!
Will: you can give me advice George because I’m just gonna lick your arse too (Says will with the abnormal teeth)
by Whagwhannnnn May 28, 2018
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