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a very diverse school in the central charlotte area. REALLY OLD. mediocre sports teams and students who think they can change the world but really do nothing are the main staple. security gaurds that ride on john deer 4x4's and don't catch anyone doing anything. very easy to skip classes.

a lot of students are really friendly and polite. really stupid principal,(nicknamed rick flare because of her hair) and overly sensitive assisstant principals. most staff members are really chill and don't really care if you slack off as long as they don't get caught slacking off. some teachers really need to get their tires slashed though.

overall not a bad school to attend, very diverse, cliques are open to new members so it isn't very hard to fit in anywhere.
hey dude where do you go to school now?

uggh i go to south meck

why soo ugggh? i think it's pretty ok.

im tired of seeing rick flare walkin around
by Kelsiefaceee June 01, 2009
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A truly washed up school. It has a retard dungeon under the gym. A local sadist named M.A.C. prowls this area. It is known for it's shit sex parties and other unusal activites. Some include rough clown sex and SuSe crap movies.
Man this is a south meck operation.
south meck sucks ass
that is south meck
south meck sucks ass im rick james bitch
by Rick Fischer October 09, 2004
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