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South Dakota is really not a bad place to live. Friendly folks with down to earth ethics that enjoy good conversation, outdoor sports like hunting and fishing and that know how to drive in all types of weather. However, a female in SD is generally heavier compared to women in most other parts of the country. Actually at least 50 pounds heavier. This is the norm because there is generally no good basis for comparison. A shapely, thin woman is an exception, thus women feel much less of a need to maintain let alone compete regarding weight, including those at an early age. Most over 30…. forget it, leaving men with little choice. Women in this condition consider themselves to be average. If you plan to move here, hopefully you’ll already have a ‘significant other’. If you’re single and over 30, your selection is extremely limited unless you like chubby chicks, which I personally am not attracted to on a physical level. In fact, since moving here, I have considered becoming a monk.
If I were the governor of South Dakota, I’d offer an incentive to women that have maintained themselves to move here. Unfortunately those that fit this description are already attached. Tax breaks, reduced rent, improved shopping, etc. would be a good start. Those that also possess a good personality would have their special benefits increased. The professionals SD wishes to draw here would follow. Unfortunately at this time, South Dakota Hot really isn’t even warm.
by Stout Man March 15, 2013
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