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First, venture deep into South America and find that bangin' South American girl we all dream of. Now you found her, follow these simple instructions. While receiving oral sex from your partner, stick your thing all the way down her throat. Gently cup their chin as if you were going to pick her head up and kiss her. Place the other hand just above the forehead almost as if you were going to say, "shoulda had a V8." Next, simultaneously push her jaw together in a chomping motion while your penis is still in their mouth. Finally, blow your load of bloody jizz into her mouth. There you have it, the South American Alligator Chomp.
Roscoe: I was fuckin' around in the Amazon the other day and I saw this hella fine Venezuelan bitch.

Jeremiah: You tap dat shit?

Roscoe: Nah, she just gave me the South American Alligator Chomp.

Jeremiah: Tight!

Black Man: Stop talkin like you black, nigga yo name is Jeremiah fo niggas sake.
by KaMaSuTrA xX February 09, 2009
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