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A person that initiates a conversation or debate with the intention of trolling and/or wasting the opponents time by demanding sources or evidence for seemingly obvious and factual arguments, when sources and evidence are provided they either immediately stop responding or claim that the information isn't sufficient, the source whore will usually repeat the cycle until the opponent gives up and leaves.
{PersonA} I think cars in general better on fuel then trucks.

{PersonB} I want to debate you on this issue. Give me a source because I don't believe your argument.

{PersonA} Okay here is your source LINK.

{PersonB} The source you gave me is a private study and isn't adequate enough.

{PersonA} Alright here is another source LINK, this one was done by a popular university.

{PersonB} Hhmm. This one is not good enough either. The study is several years old and the science and engineering of automobiles has changed.

{PersonB} Okay I found you another source LINK. This one was made last year, so can we just debate now?

{PersonB} I would debate you but you keep giving me bad sources, I want a peer reviewed source made by a monkey written on a blood moon with a solar eclipse. Else I won't debate you.

{PersonA} Ugh..... Another Source Troll
by Edgelord June 25, 2016
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