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Soundless Laugh - The laugh in which you laugh so much your body runs out of it natural supply of Laughter and eventually there is no sound coming out but your body is still reacting as though it is still laughing. By this point you are probably holding your stomach as though everything inside it is dropping out, your eyes running with tears and on the floor completely unable to stop laughing. To get to this advanced stage laughing you have to have alot of stamina or the lungs of Laura.Generally any attempt to stop the victim of 'Soundless Laughter' results in more laughter, you could say attempting to stop this laughter fuels this fire.
" " Hey look, that person is laughing but its not making a sound, They must be in serious danger.. no wait, its Laura (A sufferer of Soundless Laughter)
by SaleemElbaloula November 18, 2007
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