A great rapper out of New Orleans (3rd Ward Magnoila Projects). Now deceased, Soulja Slim was gunned down on thanksgiving eve in the year 2003. Before known as Magnolia Slim, he started rapping when he was really young and was a high demand at parties. He worked with producer KLC (DJ KLC) on Hype Enough Records then moved onto No Limit Records after he was locked up. He released Give It To Em Raw, got incarterated, released The Streets Made Me and left No Limit shortly after. He started his own label Cut Throat Comitty Records, released Years Later and Years Later A Few Months After once he got a deal with KOCH. Slim was and is a great rapper, spittin words of truth, he never made it to national fame but you gotta give him all the credits for the popular song "Slow Motion" which was a gift to Juvenile to put on his album so Slim can be known nationally, too bad he died. People need to know the name Soulja Slim and now you know whos the voice behind "Slow Motion". Be sure to look out for B.G. and Soulja Slim's album "Never seen us coming" due later this year.

R.I.P. Soulja Slim (1977-2003)

"If It Ain't Real It Ain't Me"
Magnolia Slim, Soulja Slim whatever u wan' all it.
by INfaMouSgUrL2002@aol.com February 1, 2005
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