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An undistinguished "gang" inside St. Louis county that has absolutely no street credit to its name. The "Soul Squad" is made up of a group of spoiled, cocky white boys and girls who seem to believe they run the world. SS is known for talking trash then picking fights and losing said fights. SS likes to seek revenge on those who beat them up by schedualing "rematches" in which they gather large crowds to jump not only those there to fight but also the opponents "dougs" or friends. Basically a group of badass 's who noone can mess wtih.
SoulSquad is so hardcore they're the baddest gang in all the land.

You guys here SoulSquad likes to give each other handjobs? Yeah, thats completely 100% true.
How many SoulSquad members does it take to beat someone up? Anywhere between 50 and 500, plus some random black guys.
SoulSquad invented the eiffel tower.
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