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Originally a acronym standing for Scum Of The Earth, sote has become a popular term amongst twenty-somethings in Massachusetts, from Pittsfield to Boston. Coined in 1990 by yours truly, the term sote has evolved from meaning a comic bookstore loving trench coat wearer into a all-encompassing ambiguous catchphrase that is not always used in a negative connotation.
Sote, sotey, and sotiness are all commonly used to voice displeasure about someone or something.
Someone who is 30 yet still lives at home is a sote. You go to the package store at 10:58 and it's closed...that is sotey. A fantasy baseball league full of veto-crazy owners would have a high level of sotiness.
by Brian Crutch August 26, 2006
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S.O.T.E. = Scum of the earth, a bum, a lowlife, petty criminals, juvenile delinquents

S.O.T.E. was created in the mid 1970's in Astoria, Queens, New York by a group of high school seniors, who harassed unsuspecting "lowlifes" on the street by screaming at them "Scum of the Earth." Many times just driving closely by and scaring them. We also harassed hookers (sorry Viva) and pimps in Times Square shouting this phrase. It was sometimes coupled with "hey, you, YEAH YOU, YOU FAT F**K". It's amazing we weren't shot at given the times, although we were chased several times.

We referred to the practiced as "scumming"

Astoria S.O.T.E.
"hey, you, YEAH YOU, YOU sote scum of the earth, get a fucking job!"
by E_Suds May 09, 2013
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SOTE = Scum Of The Earth

Meaning: When someone becomes the ultimate scumbag, they are announced the title of SOTE, Scum Of The Earth!

SOTE is the top tier of scumbaggery
That guy cheated on me, we all know he's SOTE now

Dude did you just literally do that you SOTE?!

Yeah that guy is a real SOTE...

That Galty SOTE!
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by ZombieTG June 12, 2018
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acronym for scum of the earth, generally applied to the social underclass of the Nottingham area! Similar to a chav or charva!!
by sote hater February 01, 2004
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scum of the earth aka J.D. A person who scums other people because they are dirt. eg. deletes papers, does papers, is mad annoying, knees people in the head, is crater face or mother of grendel
by Jerry and Mike March 04, 2008
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