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A term often mistaken for fans of Girls' Generation aka 소녀시대/少女時代.

Instead Soshified (deriving from their hangul initials '소시' (So-shi) and -fied where it is a state of becoming) is a large community and also a website catering for all the needs of S♡NE/소원 (pronounced so-won - GG's fans) where giving unconditional love and support towards the girls in each activity and perhaps more.

Soshified is a fast growing community recognized by many including the girls themselves, the media and some areas of the public (places not restricted to South Korea).

Some might argue the case of their success was to the large dedicated group working behind the scenes, some to the young but aspiring founder, but to many each can agree on the individual contribution of every member to its success.

News, exclusive content, package support, anniversary/birthday gifts, the list is endless and the possibilities in future are even more.
Used in the sentence...

S♡NE: I love Sooyoung!
소원: But I thought you like Tiffany?
S♡NE: Along with Taeyeon, Seohyun and Yuri... (sweat)
소원: You know what? You're Soshified!


S♡NE: The Boys album, Mr Taxi album which is like Ver B, The Boys JAPANESE album, minuscule-overpriced Holiday photobook, 1st Japanese tour in Blu-ray(or DVD), 2012 calendar,and that's only the merchandise. The concerts on the other hand...
by soshi spanked December 26, 2011
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