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1. A term used heavily in the Princeton area as an obnoxious retort when penalized by an adult. Used primarily by teens. requires the utmost perfection to use. When used correctly it will humour the punishing adult, but when used incorrectly it can land you in DETENTION.

2. When a kid is whining about how you are being annoying, this statement, accompanied by a talk to the hand movement can often break the child's confidence and stop the complaints.

1. "Jake! Oh my god! You just threw a football at the plasma TV and you're not doing ANYTHING!
"Oh. Well, SORRY SIRE!"

2. "OMG Jake you're being sooo annoying! I asked you to hand me that camera but you didn't!"
"(talk to the hand wave) Well SORRY SIRE!"
by Jo-jo-Dan June 25, 2008
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