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Statistically speaking, 97% of the world's population knows at least one to sixteen Sophrukas. These Sophrukas are generally of the female variety and are very great, interesting people. They are typically extremely messy, have characteristics similar to pterodactyls, and often times others will speculate if they operate on the same wavelength as everyone else. Overall, Sophrukas are pretty dope people to be around.
Billyjoe: Hey, Sophruka!
Sophruka 1: Yeah?
Billyjoe: Wait, no, I meant the other Sophruka!!
Sophruka 2: Oh hay Billyjoe wassup.

Rando: aaahhhhhh stop omg what no ahhhhhhhhh omg love Sophruka whaattt why is she so cool !!!! yes yes yes I'm just like how is she dat funky dope great???
by NotErnwhateveryourethinking August 28, 2013
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