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A girl who has been on a site called deviantart for over 5 years (it is the year 2011 by the time this definition is being written) and has not improved at all.
The girl is a fan of many old cartoons but she feels that they must be paired up with other characters as she is a fangirl but since no cannon characters are up to par with her uber kawaii (I say that since she draws them in anime style) she then makes a new fan-based character that is a complete and total Mary-Sue.
She appears to be against yaoi treating it as the worst thing ever which is funny since she is totally for beastiality considering her mary-sues are often the one true love of anthropomorphic cartoon animals.
She has gathered a fanbase that often tells people off saying that she is the "best artist ever" and that she doesn't need to improve, she has even been prone to block people just because they don't agree with her. or her Mary-Sues or her ability to change cannon characters from anything into Mary-Sues.
Now not everyone is gonna believe me. how do I know this, lets just say that even though this site pokes satire fun at everything, you need to be pretty damn stupid to end up on encyclopedia dramatica

Not to be confused with Sony May, the possibility of Sony doing a certain action, like getting hacked again.
Sony Mae Fan: Leave Sony-Mae alone you haters! she does not need to improve!

Person: you've been drawing in this certain style for over 5 years don't you think you should improve if you want to be a cartooni- What the fuck she blocked me!

Sony-Mae: This is Bia! she's a klutz and the One True Love of a bird character in a cartoon series! Please like and don't hate on me!
by Doesnotcareman July 24, 2011
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