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A upper middle class university in the CSU system. There are many good things about Sonoma State, such as the Rec Center, Amechis Pizza, and the many bike locks around campus. Sonoma State is also known for having a bunch of "yuppie" and "spoiled kids" attend this institution, as it is the riches CSU in the entire system. The school is also predominantly white, but is working on increasing diversity. Several legendary figures have come out of Sonoma State such as the Seawolf mascot, and thats about it. The fraternity's at Sonoma State have a reputation for hazing/demoralizing and humiliating treatment towards incoming freshman. There have been many alcohol related incidents over the years involving fraternity's such as TKE, SAE and a few others. These fraternity's have also contributed to the high number of sexual assaults on campus each year. The police are very strict on campus, and do not like wise guys at all. Sonoma State is a affluent uppity school with its own unique problems, but at the same time the same problems many other institutions across the nation face.
SSU Student: It smells like the Sonoma Aroma around here, thats not what it smelled like over in Beverly Hills, I want to transfer out of Sonoma State University back to Princeton!

Frat Boy: Hey boys I just joined TKE and I got to do the elephant walk! It was amazing, I love my Big! I love Sonoma State University!

Sonoma State University Police: **Psssshhh** Chirp** Breaker Breaker 31 we have some kids over here smoking marijuana, send all units avaible and the K-9, we may need a sniper and swat team stand by...
by KellyPisanoLovesJesusNOTTT October 13, 2010
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