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A complex disorder or group of disorders which can manifest from owning too many (or too few) CDs, Records or MP3s.

Also it is often experienced by DJs at clubs when unfamiliar with someone else's record collection.

Symptoms include mild panic attacks brought on by being 5/6 the way into the final song on a playlist and not being able to find a suitable follow up; not enjoying any of the music you choose because you are too busy creating the playlist;
Having badly organised songs, remembering a really great tune to play then being confronted with a file named 'Unknown Artist - Track 4.rm' and not knowing if it's the right song or even if it will play on iTunes.

All these can lead to an unusual amount of alcohol consumption by the DJ, followed by Bon Jovi, YMCA and Always Look On The Bright Side of Life.
Dancing girl: 'You got anything by 'Sick Boys Club'?
DJ: Who? Man I'm busy can you, like, write it down or something?
Dancing girl: Hey I got the CD here, now chill out...
DJ: Yeah sorry I can't find anything good to go next, just a touch of songxiety, pass it over.
by sickfiction May 09, 2011
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