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Something With Numbers is a relatively young Australian punk/rock band, having been together four years and hailing from the Central Coast. They signed with indie label Below Par Records in 2001.

It consists of:
·Jake Grigg-Vocals
·Lachlan Scott-Guitar
·Tim Crocker-Guitar
·Scott Chapman-Bass
·Dave Mcbeath-Drums

They released their first album, Ettiquette in 2004 which was quite a heavy, deep album and followed up recently with their second album, Perfect Distraction, a more upbeat rock record, in 2006.
Both albums show the creativity and depth of the band and Perfect Distraction has launched them into a somewhat state of stardom.

Some songs to download are:
I'm Sorry I'm Wrong (Ettiqutte)
Apple of the Eye (Perfect Distraction)
Double Dyed (Perfect Distraction)
On the Inside (Ettiqutte)
Crowner Of Kings (Ettiqutte)

Or you could supports these guys and actually go out and buy the album. It won't kill you.
SWN Fan-I bought 'Perfect Distraction' yesterday. It's so different to 'Ettiquette' but it is still really good.

Obilvious person-What is 'Perfect Distraction' and 'Ettiquette'?

SWN Fan-Something With Numbers new album!! Do you get out at all?

Oblivious person-I like Pepsi Chart Hits # 4

SWN Fan- *sigh*
by jammi April 22, 2007
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