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a middle class suburban town in southeastern mass. it is a god forsaken place that is infested with wiggers and guido wanna-bes. the schools are filled with pretty much all white kids that listen to shitty music like lil wayne justin bieber, lady gaga, eminem (who is actually kinda ok but his douchebaggery outweighs music quality) kid cudi or whatever the guys name is and and a bunch of other shitty "rappers" with retarded names. there are only a few holdouts who refuse to give in and partake with the sheep. im one of the few if you couldnt already tell. im 13 and in 8th grade and i cant wait to leave. when im an adult, ill do everything in my power to prevent my kid from becoming one of the faceless sheep.
the "good times" in Somerset, MA are rare and dont last very long
by quiet disgruntled kid in back January 28, 2011
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