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When a video game company deliberately introduces a problem into their game so they can sell you the solution as opposed to designing the game to be played without paying up.

Solution selling can manifest in many different forms such as:

• Paying to skip long monotonous grinds

• Paying to repair fragile equipment such as weapons or armor

• Paying for transport, so you don't have to waste your time walking

• Paying to skip a difficult level/boss

• Paying to revive your character without losing progress or items

• Paying to progress at a rewarding pace

• Paying for increased inventory space

All of these issues can be solved very easily by better game design and just respecting the player's time and money.
The game could've been good, if it wasn't for all the god damn solution selling!

Paid repair kits? That's just solution selling.
by Lonke November 25, 2019
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