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A former punk rocker turned alcoholic piece of shit Solid Gold Steve has many claims to fame. He pioneered the act of shooting bottle rockets from his cock as well as his anus. He has cut himself and even almost killed himself with substance abuse. Steve has been severly beaten and vebally abused by the best of them. Solid Gold has fucked his share of dirty chicks and has even defeated a bout with the Clap. In 2004 Solid Gold was stuck in a Neck brace for months after having some wierd disease infect his pathetic back.
Steve is definitely legend in his own time. In '97, Steve was bangin' all the chicks and doing all the drugs, but now you can find the washed up punk rocker at any local dive singing along to any given David Alan Coe song.
Solid Gold Steve is truely a living legend, but did B -Vice really beat him up next to the half-pipe in '97?
by ThE LaTe JC March 24, 2005
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