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Building on the social psych definition, there are number parameters to be a sole trader.

1 - A sole trader always has a higher preference for warm associations over close friendships. While sole traders can be friendly and engaging, they maintain a distance with all people at all times. This can unintentionally upset/offend others, when misinterpreted.

2 - Unlike the lone wolf, the sole trader naturally associates many social groups and classes. Sole traders always have an above average intellect. This quality assistants with their preference for solitude but intermingling with many social stations.

3 - Generally, a sole trader is a personal description based on inner reflection. It would be uncommon to call someone else a sole trader.
The character Tom Booker in the Book/Movie The Horse Whisper is an example of a sole trader.
by Urbane Wordsmith April 07, 2013
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A Sole Trader is, in the social psych sense, is someone who operates as a sole trader. They seek pleasant associations over friendships. Unlike they contemporary the lone wolf a sole trader has better relationships with its social groups and the broader community.
Cricketeer Damien Martyn is an example of a sole trader.
by the urban wordsmith January 23, 2013
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