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The fucking epitome of hell. Full of hicks and cousin fuckers. Preppy douchebags who asks girls for nudes costantly, when they can probably get them from their friend anyway. Girls think they're too good for you but in reality they're trash themselves. If ever a school shooting I would expect it here.
Solanco High School is just full of hoes.
by Deroded May 01, 2016
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One year there and all I learned was that the school is fulllll of Hicks and rednecks that stand in circles of camo back packs, outfits / boot cut jeans and brown boots. Or you get the occasional basic hoes that wear pink on the daily or just think they’re all that when they’re just complete trash and people are really dumb asf with grade level things or even common sense things. The whole school and staff listens/plays country music and the 20% listens to trash rap. The older staff seem to have somthing up they’re ass most of the time and won’t allow the dumbest things. Can’t bring your backpack to the bathroom and on top of that u have to SIGN IN AND OUT TO USE THE RESTROOM AND THERES ONLY ONE. And worst of all the school is the complete opposite of diverse and the kids need to learn how to grow up...
by Gossgirl August 14, 2019
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