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The conscious decision to milk, wrangle, or serenade snakes in a pit of hot vermouth. Chronologically, it was said to have been created by the Patron Saint of Ireland, but historians have found reference to Marco Polo summoning a sidewinder in in Tibet, and such historical figures as Napoleon Bonapart and Alexander the Great have been document in rennaisance painting with coral snakes and cottonmouths. Cotê D'Ivoire practice Cobra serenades. Also ninjas have been known to use this practice as an excercise in discipline and concentration before sword fights.
St. Paddy really Soibaned that rattler.

Those ninjas soibaned some snakes and went to Tael for the afterparty.

I told you Rocca, if you want to Soiban, you need to get behind the snake.
by iamrazorblade June 16, 2011
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