When one develops an interest or infatuation in another via a social network and regularly checks their page for updates, pictures, etc. One may try to arrange a meeting with his/her soft stalkee by attending an event the soft stalkee has indicated he/she will attend via a social network invitation visible to the soft stalker. Or, alternatively, the soft stalker may arrange for a mutual friend to invite both the soft stalker and soft stalkee to an event to ensure the soft stalkee's attendance. The soft stalker may have found the soft stalkee by looking through his/her friends' friends' pages on said social network with the harmless intention of finding new friends who share similar interests. Soft stalkers typically justify such behavior by telling others "it's safer than j-date."
I spent 4 hours at work today soft stalking Jim on Facebook. OMG...he just changed his status to SINGLE!!
by datopone April 8, 2011
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