(n.) or (adj.)

A term generally used to describe modern-day teenagers, typically girls between the ages of 14-18, who like create a "hardcore" persona on Tumblr by reblogging pictures of inverted crosses, dip-dyed hair, ying-yang symbols and toilets. They like to pretend that they listen to grunge music by wearing stylish Nirvana tees that match their $200 pair of Doc Martens. If you were ask them who the Misfits were, they'd probably say anyone who isn't sporting spikes this season.
Noun: That purple haired girl over smoking a cigarette in the rain is sooo soft grunge.

Adjective: Check out this soft grunge blog for pictures of girls that look like zombies, cats, and zombie cats!
by penguinzarerad October 11, 2012
A pejorative but accurate term that typically describes the average teenage tumblr or blogger user that doesn't see themselves as hipster. By using pop culture and surface references to grunge in music, fashion, and imagery they seek to appear as unique and interesting as possible (although the effectiveness of this is debatable).

Usually the content they post is stolen with all reference of the original author removed in order to promote themselves. Subject matter typically falls somewhere between artsy and trashy.
human: Hey I didn't know you listened to Soundgarden?
tumblr kid: What?
human: It's on your T-shirt?
tumblr: oh right...
human: I get it your a soft grunge kid and therefore are just in it for the aesthetic.
by sparklechair December 29, 2012
White suburbs teenage girls who wear classic rock, metal or grunge band shirts paired with black skinny jeans that may have rips in them and black boots or black tennis shoes. They even wear flannels either around their waist or normaly. They have long hair that's bone straight that has unnatural hair color in it. They run blogs that contain content like bruises/hickeys on a white women's body, gore, NIRVANA, 5sos, a sad auote, anything related to depression or mental illness. They claim they know what grunge is but if you ask em they'll say 5sos or the only band they know that is grunge, Nirvana. They talk about Kurt Cobain like they knew him personally and aim to look like his DAUGHTER Frances Bean Cobain. They like to say 5 Seconds Of Summer is punk rock. They listen to shit like Arctic Monkeys, The 1975, and 5sos. They'll wear band shirts like Greenday and if you ask them what their favorite song is they'll say American Idiot. Basically the scene kids of today.
Soft Grunge Girl: *wears black band shirt with black skinny jeans, flannel around waist, and black shoes* IM SO GRUNGE I HAVE NIRVANA SONGS ON MY PHONE !!111!

Normal Girl: cool, no one cares. *listens to L7*
by Hungry For Stink September 4, 2015
A sententious pseudo-bohemiam guy who lives in an affluent suburb and attends an elitist posh private school. However, despite all this, he claims he is "grunge" and "punk rock" in order to seem edgy and seduce girls. These kind of guys think theyre either the next Kurt Cobain, Sid Vicious, or Ozzy Osbourne. They try to have some rebellious, "fuck you" persona, all the while, going to some expensive ass school and relying on their parents for money to buy their vinyls they will end up chucking/burning within a year. Even though this kid is rich asf, he likes to guy old grandpa clothes from thrift shop in a desperate attempt to rebel against his parents and his level in society. An absolute pussy thirsty PLAYER, dont trust him. Absolute fuccboi. Smokes cigs and weed out of plastic water bottle bongs.
That guy wearing that commes les garcons PLAY shirt, black fingernails, his private school socks, a flannel from supre, and his mothers expensive rings is SUCH a soft grunge king.
by Thatsoftgrungechick February 7, 2016