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Sofatek - A high-tech custom sofa manufacturer in the USA that manufactures, sells and imports quality furniture on the internet. Sofatek is an accumulation of small custom American furniture manufacturers, interior designers, textile and delivery companies, that organize a common bond to compete with case goods and services from other countries. This common bond was forged due to the ongoing bad United States economy causing American furniture manufacturers and related companies to start closing their doors, due to the low cost of imported goods and services.

Sofatek utilizes a computerized approach (cloud servers) or Sofatek approach to manufacture, design, sell and distribute furniture on the internet. Sofatek is a highly computerized firm that networks suppliers, orders, custom furniture designs with their interior designers, manufacturers and delivery companies to lower costs and increase profits.
Sofatek ’s goal by 2015 is to be the number one USA custom furniture manufacturer of American made products on the internet.
by amonra January 12, 2012
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