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A sock, preferably a white, tube sock variety, filled with oranges. Two oranges are best, with a maximum of three per sock. The sock full of oranges is useful for beating someone because it will not leave a bruise. Used by the marines for punishment, it is also useful on douchebags, unsuspecting friends, or women who open their mouths too much. Swing hard for full affect of the oranges.

An important attachment to the sock full of oranges is the whistle to alert those around you that someone is about to get hit with a sock full of oranges. When the sock is swung above your head or by your side, the whistle will provide a soothing sound to accompany the beating you are about to give.
My fellow employee wouldn't go to Black Finn, so I hit him with a sock full of oranges.
by CCACCA August 01, 2006
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