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To be beautiful you have to have perfect features. A great pointy nose with a perfectly symmetric face,with perfect everything. That looks good without make up. Not everyone is beautiful. Most people are beautiful on the outside and not the inside. Never both. Its like something happens chemically with their brain. Because their so egotistical, and hard to manage. But society is so stupid and never realizes this. Like why do people put up with this? Why do people follow around these people like there slaves or something? I seriously don't understand how people are so oblivious. I don't know how people can stand it! I cant! There so mean and horrible, and evil. It does something to there mind and completely changes them for the worse. Like you tell me if you really know someone who is beautiful on the inside and on the out. And if you can think of someone than your just oblivious and has horrible character judgment. or you just a follower yourself to the point where you lost yourself and your completely delusional. They also just die for attention. they never stop! Its like there job 24/7 to be stealing the attention away from everyone else. There so narcissistic and selfish. I wonder if guys or just stupid or do they just put up with them for sex? But doesn't that just get old after a while...
there's to many to state.

Society look on beauty
by Maddie Pattie August 02, 2010
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