a condition of being oblivious and/or clueless regarding the existence of social cues, nuances, mores, norms, et cetera, within a given social subset, or more often than not totally and completely and all the time. This is distinct from the more estimable traits of being indifferent or irreverant, where one is aware of social expectations, cues, et cetera, but simply doesn't care or flat out mocks and/or rejects them. Socially tone deaf people are blind, deef and dumb to the normative social standards and expectations of behavior around them, and demonstrate this with regular incidences of egregious and embarassing faux~pas and party fowling. Consistent responses to the socially tone deaf include head shaking, eye rolling, clandestined warnings under one's breath, and quick-thinking, opportunistic ditching. Syn (masc): fuckstick, (fem): bobblehead.
-Look out, here comes everybody's favorite conversationalist; for pete's sake don't get her started you know socially tone deaf she is.

-Bob is so socially tone deaf, I can't take him anywhere with me.
by Daveaflav August 31, 2011
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