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Socialista is a form of hipsterism but not exactly. A socialista is defined as a person whose educated, well read, goes to the artsy events, is not defined but a certain scene because a socialista is the scene BUT, remains down to earth. A socialista is always invited to social events and must speak, meet and usually knows everyone at the party. An individual who gets attention most of the time and who you have to bang at least once in your life. Someone whose always texting even when in a club because they are just that popular, and lets not forget those 500++ people on their msn; they don’t really do facebook because it’s vintage and they always come up with new intriguing words. A socialista is someone with a brain, you can talk to, trust, but that likes to gossip nonetheless because it’s human nature. It’s a parallel between a hipster and a social whore, with a mix of spice and class.
Oh look at that guy with his blackberry, what a socialista!!
by Greekster December 21, 2008
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