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Idiots who try to fight the SJW movement through trying to make bigotry, bullying, hate speech, and degrading comments heroic. Think that anyone who speaks against hate speech is a communist. Yet forget that Freedom of Speech goes both ways. Their ideas of freedom of speech say that there is nothing wrong with saying hateful crap, and that there should be no social consequences for doing so.
Social Justice Warrior Reactionary: You Fags are aid ridden parasides
Regular Person: You are a disgusting bigot

SJW Reactionary: Freedom of Speech
RP: Your right, and Im using mine to tell you that you are an ignorant jerk
SJW Reactionary: Shit(Thinking: I have nothing to say but it protects snowflakes like me from facing the consequences of my hate speech)

Normal Person: I just started my own company cause my boss was a huge ass
SJW Reactionary: So you are just a snowflake cause you couldnt stand working for a boss
NP: Shut Up
SJW reactionary: You are a tyrant

SJW Reactionary: Bigots matter too, we are so persecuted. I got fired for calling a woman a bitch and that she should go back to the Kitchen
Woman: No your creating a Hostile Working environment
SJW Reactionary: Liberals like you should be fired
Woman: Yet you dont
SJW Reactionary: Woe is me, I am so persecuted
by TheLibertariannonpartisan February 26, 2017
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