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The act where a person can commit mass murder of friendships, relationships or acquaintances.

The amalgamation of two terms, Social and Genocide, these two terms when put together can convey a powerful meaning that not only gives evidence on how bad someone has done this, but also acts as a punishment that may or may not induce an apology; dependant on the individual's ego.
Sam has over 9000 friends on Facebook. He feels neglected by lots of them, but in real life he pretends to be good friends with them.
During one night of paranoia, he decides to delete 8000 of these 9000 friends.

At school the next day, Sam is chastised by many people as having committed "Social Genocide". He then feels regret and then subsequently apologises to each and every person he deleted.
by Jasper T. Rowling. July 02, 2011
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