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When people are able to live the life of people in a certain social class that they them selves do not necessarily fit into .
Guy 1: Look at Bill, he's rich, he lives in the suburbs, has 2 cars, goes to private school, and vacations on the beach.

Guy 2: I've known Bill since he was 5. He used to live in an apartment until he was 7, when he moved to the suburbs he bought the smallest house that he could barely afford. He couldn't even afford cable tv or a DVD player as a kid. The cars he has are both Hondas which are about 8 years old. His family takes one vacation a year, they have 5 people in their house and he goes to private school and a shit amount of financial aid. He's living a complete social class illusion. He's middle class.
by moconahhh June 27, 2013
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