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The social hierarchy of kids in school. It is typically separated into five main categories.
Popular- These are the kids made up of the good looking, athletic class of boys, and the hot, desirable, yet dramatic class of girls. These people tend to be the most outgoing in the entire school.
Semipopular- These are the kids who hover in between popular and average. They may hang out with average kids or popular kids, or other semipopular kids. They typically have their name out more than an average kid, but less than a popular kid. They are generally well liked by both popular and average people.
Average- These kids make up the majority of the school. They aren't popular nor are they despised by their peers. They typically hang out with other average kids and go about minding their own business.
Subaverage- These are kids who are socially awkward, yet aren't hated by their peers. These kids tend to be somewhat nerdy or geeky. These kids like to mind their own business, and really only converse within their own friend groups.
Hated- The annoying kids, the ugly kids, popular wannabes, "school shooter" type kids, you name it. The one thing these people have in common is that they are hated by at least 3 out of 4 of the higher levels on the social pyramid.
Where do you think you are on the social pyramid?
by Bussss May 21, 2017
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