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Someone who thinks he's too good to be bad, in other words a freak, someone who thinks they're better than you are, and you are a retard and a freak, when in fact it's all the way around.
G: "Gosh Ali, stop being an attention hoe"
A: "Gina you're a retard"
G: "You are a SOCIAL FREAK"


J: "UBF you are an attention hoe, but not as bad as Juice"
UBF: "Gosh Jenna you are a complete SOCIAL FREAK"
by Next Day February 01, 2007
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Fuckboi. A stupid mexican that's waste of life, air and space.
He drinks bleach a lot.
Socialfreak is a big fuckboi who drinks bleach.
by Notmyrealnamelel September 24, 2016
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