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She's a girl, not a regular girl, a unique girl. She is mostly happy and her heart is filled with love. The love never runs out. She is shy, but caring and loving. Everyone around her enjoys to be with her. She walks around smiling to everyone she see's. Sobiyah is Unique and gets her work done on time. She's not perfect, but not enjoying sex.
Sobiyah is a unique girl who has love around her heart.
by TacoLover1001 March 14, 2017
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Sobiyah is very kind and gentle hearted. She has tons of amazing things to say but she is sometimes she but very kind. Make sure to care for her a lot because she can come across difficult times and she will need the proper help. She is unique and caring , A day with out her is like i have no life. Look around for hr she is out their and will love to be your friend .
Sobiyah is so kind and sweet meet her and be prepared to be amazed.
by Sobiyahs bestie May 08, 2018
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