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Main Entry: sob·it
Pronunciation: \ˈsäb-ˈit\
Function: Verb

1: When one vomits while sobbing.

(This normally occurs, but is not limited to, instances when alcohol has been consumed)
Scene: Drunk Girl outside of Bar sobbing with friend consoling

Drunk Girl: "I just cant believe he would do that to me!!! *sob* *sob*

Friend: "I know. You're gonna be much better off without him"

Drunk Girl: "Ughhhhhhhh!! I just cant believe him!!! *sob* *sob* Oh my god, I think I'm gonna SOBIT *wretch* *sob* *wretch* *sob*"

Friend: "Dear Jesus, you just Sobited all over my shoes!!!"
by wp3 December 03, 2009
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