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A very funny person who enjoys ants on a log and brownies made by leighber's. They are also very creative with creating songs such as, "there's a fire starting in my cage...i could've had a carrot". Sobermeister's also enjoy watching many movies (espically disney channel movies like Lemonade Mouth). Sobermeister's enjoy spending their weekends by playing a good game of Sim's 3 while eating a hearty serving of Cold Stone ice cream cake. Most Sobermeister's go mad crazy for Taylor Swift and they also have Leighber fever, but they also enjoy playing on trampolines and doing superman motions. Although most of the time Sobermeister's are very energetic and happy, they get very mad when you bring up Pizz's, a fat ugly thumb/chipmunk who is not to be confused with "pizza masters".

Please Note: Sobermeister's tend to scream when they get scared and sometimes for no reason
Why Sobermeister? There is a Winnie the Poo poster!!
by IYamSofaKingReetarded May 12, 2011
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